The Last 24-Hour Café In Sydney’s CBD Has Caved To Baird’s Vice-Grip

If you’ve ever drunk from the Mother tap at Three Wise Monkeys, knocked back a $3 spirit at Bar Century (rest its beautiful soul) or partied at Star Bar, chances are you’ve drunk-scoffed a sausage roll or quiche from Cafe de la France, the 24-hour joint on the corner of George and Liverpool Sts.

But no longer is it a beacon for hangry drunkards, having felt the cumulative effects of George St light rail construction and the city’s utterly cooked lockout laws to such great affect its owner John Huan has decided to stop trading past 7pm, as it has done for the last 10 years.
Huan’s says there’s simply not enough foot traffic to justify keeping the café all-hours, with so much of Sydney’s main drag now a ghost town after hours.
“It has been really hard for us… You used to be able to sit out there with a coffee an watch a sea of people go past. Now there’s nothing happening.”

De la France used to be so popular that delivery men used to complain about the logistics of dropping off produce in the early hours of the morning, so packed was it people who spilt over onto the pavement, but only a handful of people were about to witness its final 24-hour shift last Monday.

Brb, egging Mike Baird‘s car.

Source: Daily Telegraph.

Photo: Google Maps.