The Last Of Sydney’s Lockout Laws Will Be Scrapped On March 8, So What A Fkn Waste That Was

sydney lockout laws

Sydney’s much-hated lockout laws are set to be scrapped next month, in what can only be described as a huge win for anyone who loves a late-night beveragino in the Cross.

In a bid to help revive the economy in a post-COVID world, the last of the lockout laws – which effect the popular Kings Cross area – will be moved in line with the rest of the CBD from March 8.

This means that venues in the Cross will be able to operate past 1.30am, with patrons still being able to bar-hop beyond the dreaded 1.30am lockout we’ve seen for the past few years.

There will still be a few minor restrictions in place, such as last drinks being called at 3.30am but honestly, that’s a small price to pay to hopefully revive the city’s nightlife.

Thankfully, restrictions on drinks, shots and cheap cocktails will be lifted from March 8, which means you can down a tequila shot at 2am if you so please.

However, if you were planning on trying to sneak into a venue underage, you’re still shit out of luck because ID scanners are still required at certain venues during peak operating hours.

The rest of the city saw the controversial lockout laws scrapped in January of 2020, but thanks to mama Rona, we didn’t really get to enjoy much of that bustling nightlife that Sydney was once so well known for.

The change in laws comes almost nine years to the day after 18-year-old Thomas Kelly was hit and killed in a one-punch attack in Kings Cross, prompting the government to introduce the tough laws in an attempt to stomp out boozy violence in the area.

But after six years of the laws, Premier Gladys Berejiklian seems convinced that the nature of the Cross, and those who frequent the area seems to be much safer and more social.

“Kings Cross has transformed considerably since these laws were introduced over six years ago,” she said.

“The precinct is now well-positioned to continue to evolve into a vibrant lifestyle and cultural destination with a diverse mix of small bars, live music venues and restaurants.”

But mark your calendars mates, because Kings Cross is back in action from March 8.