Fuck Exxy Clothes Right Off In Favour Of Up To 60% Off At This New Aussie Online Outlet

the dom
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If you live in a metropolitan area, I’d bet my big toe that you’ve been to a chaotic warehouse sale. The reason I’m betting bodily extremities is that I risk losing one every time I go to one of those things. The lines, the mad rush to certain racks or boxes – the whole thing is a lot.

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if it was just online? Keeping everyone calm, relaxed and free from sharing a partitioned change room with 20+ strangers? That’s where this new Aussie online outlet store called The DOM comes in.

The DOM sells pieces that are up to 60% off and in one online location. With over 200 brands on offer, faves include Manning Cartell, M.J. Bale, SUBOO, Superga, St. Agni and more. The DOM stocks women’s, men’s and kids ranges, from high-end designer labels all the way through to your everyday goodies like Thrills and The Academy Brand.

The DOM online outlet
Suboo Kaleidoscope Hankerchief Top, Was $159, Now $99

“Up until now, outlet has been a dirty word; inconvenient and uninspiring,” Co-Founder and CEO Justin Seskin explained. Look, he’s not wrong. Grabbing a pair of jeans from a literal heap of clothes that people have dumped in the corner? It ain’t it.

The DOM is a marketplace too, meaning the company itself doesn’t actually stock their products. It’s basically a meeting place for brands and shoppers – a curation of sorts – whereby the brands ships directly to the buyer. Genius for general company overheads too, IMO.

The DOM is hoping to change the idea that what we buy needs to be “in season”. Literally couldn’t agree more, and the mindset can also help us be more mindful about our purchases, reducing landfill rather than perpetuating a need for newness.

The DOM online outlet
Nikki Williams Monogram Beau Crossbody, Was $419, Now $199

“Seasonless fashion is not only the way forward for our environmental impact, but it’s freedom – when you’re no longer bound by trends or constraints, you have the ultimate creativity to be yourself,” Emma Read, the Stylist and Creative Consultant behind The DOM’s Seasonless Edit, said.

Look, I’m all for it. Someone told me they waited in line for three hours at a warehouse sale the other day. Not about that.

Shop The DOM here.