Alice McCall, Expert On Fashion But Not Science, Is Sharing Climate Conspiracies On Insta

Alice McCall conspiracy theories

Prominent Sydney-based fashion designer Alice McCall has had some questionable conspiracy theories appear on her Instagram Story and FFS, what is happening?

Forget anti-vaxxers or 5G, there’s a new it-girl conspiracy in town: chemtrails, apparently.

Alice McCall’s Instagram account shared a picture on Sunday of what appears to be flight paths over Lismore and Byron Bay.

“This picture shows actual paths of the aircraft’s that drop certain chemicals into the air,” Alice wrote in the Instagram Story.

“Apparently not only do these aircrafts activate rain. But drop chemicals that severely effect our health.”

Alice McCall Instagram Story

For those of you who don’t know what this means, I suppose it is my arduous task to introduce you to the chemtrail conspiracy theory.

You know how some planes leave white streaks behind them in the sky? That stuff is just cloudy water vapour but some conspiracy theorists think it’s toxic chemicals our government spreads throughout the atmosphere to control our minds. These same conspiracy theorists also think the government controls the weather through “cloud seeding”.

Yeah, I wish I was joking.

After several Stories about “control”, “freedom” and government power being all in our heads, a one-minute video appeared on Alice McCall’s Story which claimed our government is manipulating the weather and has developed a “climate bomb”.

A screenshot of an odd conspiracy video on Alice McCall's Instagram.

We’ve chosen not to share the video in this article because really, what good can that bring? Just look at that screenshot. It’s a claim that the US and Russia are controlling the weather for military purposes.

Does this sound dubious? Yes. Is there any explanation as to why these conspiracies appeared on Alice McCall’s Instagram Story? Also yes, but it’s questionable.

Alice told PEDESTRIAN.TV that she lives in the Northern Rivers where people in the community are apparently talking about these conspiracies.

“I just started researching it on Google, [these are] what my findings were,” she said.

“Of course I’m not a scientists or expert, but I’m merely reposting my findings.”

When asked if it’s responsible to share conspiracy theories to her thousands of followers, Alice said she thinks it’s important people “do [their] own research” (SIGH)  and that she’s just a “passionate mum”.

How people with no background in these topics think they can do more vigorous research than actual scientists is beyond me, but clearly conspiracies are more rife than we once thought.

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