This Unholy Abomination Of A Hamburger Has Camembert Instead Of A Bun

There are things you talk about wanting to eat, but you’re not being serious.

Like, I would enjoy drinking a glass of Tabasco sauce but if you actually GAVE me a glass of Tabasco sauce, I would say “oh no thankyou, please“. Many times, I have said I wanted to eat a pickle with ice-cream. No, I actually don’t want to do that. It’s a mental pipe dream. That is all. Something that seems like a good idea in theory, but the reality would make me cry.

Dom Dom Burger is a fast-food chain in Japan – and Kokatu has uncovered this abomination of a burger that they’ve created, which replaced the bread buns with… halves of a camembert cheese wheel.

See what I mean? If someone said to me “a hamburger, but make the buns camembert”, I’d be like FUCK YES MATE, I love hamburgers and camembert and the idea of eating an entire wheel of camembert gives me a mild orgasm, INTO IT. But then visually…. hard pass.

According to Kokatu, the burger will set you back ¥980 ($12 Aussie), and if you’re headed to Japan in the next few weeks and want to try it (you maniac), you’re outta luck – it’s not available until August 31st. That being said, some people have been the lucky (?) few to trial the burg, and the pics are wild.

The worst bit to me is the double cheese element – I’m already eating an entire wheel of camembert, I do NOT need that slice of cheddar too, folks.

But you know, if you like to set your life on fire – get over to Japan after Aug 31, folks.