The Artists Whose Work Australia’s Most Stylish Folk Hang In Their Homes

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Being painfully fashionable might not make you better than everyone else, but it definitely means your home is more likely to be impeccably styled. Therefore, we should always enter the houses of stylish people whenever we have the chance. Break into their houses, if you feel to! (Do not break in to their houses).

We’re getting ~very~ into art here at PEDESTRIAN.TV, and given buying paintings and photography is a) expensive and b) super confusing, we figured we’d hit up the people we find super chic and see what they’re hammering into their walls.


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As a visual artist myself, my house is full of pieces that have been collected over the years that I’m sentimentally attached to, as well as some of my own work. But I would have to say my favourite piece is a beautiful work from Vicki Lee and Ted O’Donnell. I have their piece titled ‘Deluge’ and it sits at the entrance of my house, it’s the first thing you see when you walk in, I love how this artwork has the power to set a mood throughout the house, you can see the juxtaposition of the male and female energy coming through in the visual.

I’m a fan of Pop Art. Anything retro inspired or space themed – I’m a sci-fi fan. I also love photographs that show the power and grandeur of the ocean, dramatic imagery of icebergs or waves. Luke Shadbolt is an incredible photographer so i’m hoping to get a piece of his work – and I have plenty of prints from Tictail, my favourites being by Marcus Reed, the Space Odyssey and Close Encounters movie posters.


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The piece we cherish the most in our house would be a photo of Nat King Cole taken by Herman Leonard. It belonged to my Nan.

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I have two of Vicki Lee and Ted O’Donnells works, one was a gift from my staff and I bought another myself, because I feel the two pieces tell a story. I am a little obsessed with their work because for me, they show beauty in darkness. I also have a Mitch Gobel Resin Art, there is no real story behind this, I came across his work on Instagram and just had to have it.

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Most of the artwork I have hanging in my home have been done by friends and family – painters, photographers, weavers and my son. Ido have some amazing pieces by Ozzy Wright, and also some beautiful prints from Steven Chee and Bec Parsons. My favourite piece though is by my son Banjo, it’s a painting he did of Wategos Beach in Byron Bay. It’s blue and white and it is so special to me.


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My favourite piece is a painting by Sara Roberts which I discovered at one of Art Pharmacy’s first exhibitions in Darlinghurst (keep an eye out for their art fairs, they’re amazing for spotting new talent!). My other loves are two enlarged polaroid prints of the interiors of historical American homes, which were taken by photographer Sean Slattery when he was scouting locations for shoots in upstate New York. They’re so moody and a such nice contrast to the colour I usually tend to buy.