Please Watch One Of Katy Perry’s Little Dancing Houses Fall Off Stage

On the other side of the world right now, the BRIT Awards have just wrapped up, and pop queen Katy Perry was present for another iconic performance.

The singer is not known for doing things by halves, and in this, she did not disappoint. For a politically charged performance of ‘Chained To The Rhythm‘, Perry appeared on stage with two giant skeletons and about 100 little dancing houses.

Look at those houses, with their tiny waggling legs and lack of eye holes.

And one of this blind, waggling houses just fell right off stage. I guess… I guess no one could have seen this coming?

Do the other houses stop to wonder what happened to their fallen comrade? No, they just keep shuffling like the ghosts of properties past.

I’ve gotta tell you folks, this has well and truly ruined me.

In other Katy Perry performance-related news, the giant skeletons were dressed as Donald Trump and Theresa May from their recent joint press conference.

Were the little white houses, in fact, upper case White Houses? Probably. No one’s entirely sure what Katy Perry’s political statement was, either, only that there *was* one.

Also: a little dancing house fell off.

The end.

Photo: BBC News / Twitter.