The 10 Richest Aussies Under 40 Clock A Combined Wealth Of $7.53 Billion

Insta-fitness demigod Kayla Itsines has been utterly dominating a niche which, in all fairness, she pioneered. Her ridic business acumen has even landed her a spot on BRW’s annual Young Rich List, and Itsines boasts a well-earned fortune of $46 million.

And she came in at #51.

As the name suggests, there’s a crazy amount of money on that list, but the cumulative figure of the top ten highest earners under 40 years of age is genuinely stupefying. If you were to tally the fortunes of that mob, you’d have a total of $7.53 billion.

Well, that’s not entirely true. You’d have $7.534 billion, but that figure is so large, it’s easier to just round down by $40,000. Stunningly, the majority of that sum comes from Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar of Atlassian fame. Their tech juggernaut has amassed ’em a fortune of $4.6 billion alone.

Dave Greiner and Ben Richardson, who kicked off email marketing company Campaign Monitor a dozen years ago, are now sitting on $543 million between ’em. Perth property mogul Paul Blackburne comes in at #5 with $483 million. 
Investor Simon Clausen clocks in at $479 million, while another property guru, Melbourne’s Tim Gurner, accounts for $414 million in wealth. Radek Sali of Swisse fame notches the #8 spot with $405 million, tech maverick Ori Allon has #316 million, and Zambrero founder / biotech innovator Sam Price lands the final berth with $294 million.
Look, fair crack of the whip, guys. 

Source: Australian Financial Review. 
Photo: Kelly Sullivan / Getty.