Studies Find Hangover Driving Is Just As Bad As Drunk Driving

A British study has found that driving can now be added to loud noises, bright sunlight and not eating a Quarter Pounder on the list of things that are infinitely worse when you have a hangover.

In possibly the funnest excuse for a science experiment ever, volunteers in an English study were asked to drink heavily, and the next day, once their Blood Alcohol Content had dropped to zero, were given a series of simulated driving tests. Associate Professor Chris Alford from the University of I’m Never Drinking Again found of the subjects that “Things like their speed of reaction was slowed down, their variability in the way they drive was more erratic when they had a hangover. We also found that they’re making errors things like crossing the central lines, the lane markings in the road. So you could say their driving was as if they were over the legal limit of alcohol but of course they didn’t have that alcohol on board anymore.”

A separate study in Holland found similar results, with Dr Joris Verster from Utrecht University pointing out that “Driving was much worse when they had a hangover when we compared it to our results from previous studies [of drunk drivers].”

So if you get to the point where you wake up the next morning asking “Dude, where’s my car?”, you might be better off waiting until the afternoon to find out.

Via ABC News