If You Wanna Dress Like You’re In ‘Stranger Things 3’ We’ve Tracked Down The Raddest Outfits

Stranger Things Fashion

All of Stranger Things Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix, and if you didn’t binge-watch it in its entirety this weekend, a) you’re weird and b) that’s fine, there’s no spoilers in this article unless you count spoilers of the style variety. Yes, Chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour) dons a Hawaiian shirt at some point but I promise you as someone who watched it all in one day, that shirt has no bearing on the overall plotline. Aside from the fact that it adds a lot of awesomeness to the proceedings.

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With the season set in 1985, the fashion is peak 80s — think bright colours, pastel tones, bold patterns, and even bigger hair than last time around.

Mrs Wheeler: single-handedly responsible for the hole in the ozone layer

We rounded up some of the best Stranger Things fashion we could find, some ~exact matches~ and some just inspired by the show.

Hopper’s Hawaiian Shirt

So we obviously ALL need this shirt, and I’m sorry to tell you but I did some digging and it doesn’t actually exist. Cue crying face. Stranger Things costume designer Amy Parris told Fashionista that she bought the last 20 yards of an 80s fabric and printed the design on multiple versions of the shirt, with the article reporting that “the graphics even needed to be in the exact same location on each shirt for continuity”. We applaud this commitment.

For your own tropical, Magnum PI-inspired look, which for authentic Hopper vibes you should pair with pale blue jeans and work boots, I’ve rounded up a few similar shirts.


Stranger Things Fashion
DESIGN Plus festival relaxed fit Hawaiian floral shirt in pink, $50 (also comes in Tall and Standard fits)
DESIGN short sleeve crinkle shirt with tie front in tropical print, $56


DOUBLE RAINBOUU Bikini Jungle Hawaiian Shirt – Unisex, $195
TOPSHOP Hawaiian Print Bowler Shirt, $74.95

Joyce’s Ringer Tees & Dad Jeans

Everyday hero Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) is kind of foreshadowing the 90s grunge movement with her style in this season: think baggy shirts, ringer tees and dad jeans. Thankfully, a lot of these styles are very hot right now so are relatively easy to find.


Hemp Basics Ringer Tee in Brick, $49.99

Retro Hemp Ringer Fit Tee in White / Black, $59.99


Tate Ringer Tee in White / Cherry, $49.95




BDG Bluebell Dad Jean, $59 USD

Eleven’s Colourful Prints

One of the cutest sequences in Stranger Things Season 3 is when Max (Sadie Sink) takes Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) to the mall and encourages her to explore her personal style during a fun little shopping spree. Eleven buys the most amazing romper, which is actually available at Target US in standard and plus sizes, but is fkn sold out already, of course.  While we wait for that to come back into stock and figure out how to get it shipped to Aus, here’s some other retro rompers that might take your fancy.


LAZY OAF Feeling Fruity Jumpsuit in Black, $179.95


Monstera Cotton Playsuit, $99.50


MISS SELFRIDGE Petite utility playsuit in tropical print, $70
PRETTYLITTLETHING utility playsuit in pink, $54


Yep, it’s Eleven’s actual shirt from the show.

LEVI’S X STRANGER THINGS Aztec Printed Shirt, $99.95

Nancy’s Intern Dresses

Nancy (Natalia Dyer) has graduated high school and is working as an intern at the Hawkins Post, so for this she adopts a uniform of classic 80s shirt dresses and belts. While costume designer Amy Parris told Fashionista that most of Nancy’s outfits were real vintage finds sourced from Etsy, I managed to track down some 80s-inspired shirt dresses that Nancy wouldn’t say no to.


REVIVAL Sweet Chilli dress, $78.40

REVIVAL Donna Stripe Dress, $70.40


Woven Campbell Button Front Midi Dress, $44.99


NEON ROSE Plus Button Through Midaxi Dress in Check, $76

Dustin’s Camp Uniform

Yep, you can legit buy Dustin’s (Gaten Matarazzo) top from science camp as part of the Levi’s collab.


LEVI’S® X STRANGER THINGS Camp Know Where Ringer Tee, $59.95

Max’s Shorts & Stripes

Max still has her laidback California gal vibe goin’ on this season, with lots of denim shorts, striped tees, socks and Vans. It’s a real mood that you can copy even if you’re not 14, I promise.


Kirk Denim Paper Bag Shorts in Blue, $34.97


Denim Pleated Shorts, $61.96


Cigi Short in Twist Blue, $79


Rainbow Stripe Outland Tee, $49.95


The Baby Tee, $14.95


Summer Wine Tee in Lilac Stripe, $59.95

Vedder Tee in Multi Stripe, $59.95


Anaheim Factory Era 95 DX Navy / Red, $119.99

Hawkins Pool Chic

From Mrs Wheeler’s (Cara Buono) two-tone cossie to the lifeguards’ uniforms, everyone was keeping it tight at Hawkins Pool in the summer of 1985.

H&M’s Stranger Things collab actually featured Mrs Wheeler’s swimsuit, but I cannot find it anywhere online except the Chinese site. Damn.

However, the H&M released this Hawkins Pool lifeguards merch here in Australia back on May 26, so pop into your local store to see if they’re still stocking it. You can’t buy H&M online in Aus, but I did find the merch on the US site. So if you can figure out how to get it shipped here, you’re laughing.


Printed Swimsuit, $19.99 USD

Swim Shorts, $19.99 USD
T-Shirt with Motif, $14.99

And for some Mrs Wheeler-inspired swimwear…


Red Two Tone Cupped Swimsuit, $22
Plus Monochrome Two Tone Tie Waist Swimsuit, $31


KIKIRIO Cate High Leg Two Tone Swimsuit in Multi, $83.50

Scoops Troop Getup

I worked at an ice cream shop from the age of 15-21 and I could not be more thankful that my uniform was just an ugly green polo shirt and not this sailor getup that Steve (Joe Keery) and Robin (Maya Hawke) are forced to wear.

But if you really want to dress as a cutesy sailor, I can’t stop you. In fact, I will go one further and show you a copy of the whole outfit.


Adult Steve Scoops Ahoy Costume, $49.99 USD
Adult Robin Scoops Ahoy Costume, $49.99 USD

So there you have it. An exhaustive list of how to dress like you’re in Hawkins, Indiana circa 1985, minus the monsters, evil Russians and general feeling of dread.