At Stolen Girlfriends Club’s showing for their latest collection, Untitled, there was no runway. There were no frenzied photographers, flashing lights, pumping music, goodie bags or A-listers in the front row. This is because, for six minutes, New World Supermarket in Auckland was overtaken by twenty models who used the aisles as ad-hoc catwalks, baffling shoppers trying to do their groceries.

Borrowing from site-specific performance art and the Happenings of the 1960’s, Stolen Girlfriend’s Club aimed to remove fashion from its usual context and plant it into the public domain. It was a subversive and experimental move, two qualities which speak loudly for the label.

“We thought about presenting our new collection in a total random and public place, we wanted it to be a like ‘fashion flash-mob’,” says design director Marc Moore. “We noticed how the supermarket aisles served as a natural catwalk, so we got thinking about how we could turn this idea into reality.”

Forget the pop up shop, the pop up fashion show is where it’s at. We can only hope that next time we’re at Coles it’s this eventful. Check out video of the runway show below…

Words By Ingrid Kesa