Someone Hacked John Legend’s Twitter And Old Mate Actually Gave ‘Em Props

John Legend didn’t need a hacker to overtake his Twitter account to post some vehemently anti-Donald Trump content, but goddamn, Legend got one anyway.

This afternoon, after skewing the Bowling Green massacre debacle, the prodigiously talented muso and Arthur The Aardvark lookalike announced someone had gained access to his profile.

A lil’ while later, said hacker made their public appearance, advocating a beat-down on Trump and an appreciation of Migos.

The NSFW messages have since been deleted – obviously – but the fine folk over at The Hollywood Reporter had the presence of mind to screenshot ’em while they were still out in the wild.

The so-called @Owen755, whose account has since been nuked from orbit, claimed “that was fun” in a tweet of their own. Apparently, Legend agreed – to an extent.

Oh, that “bio” thing? Legend’s partner and actual Twitter royalty Chrissy Teigen has you covered on that one.

It’s not the first high-profile Twitter hack in recent months, and look, it probs won’t be the last. However, it’s likely the only time you’ll ever see Hillary Rodham Clinton inserted into Bad And Boujee.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter. 
Photo: Jason LaVeris / Getty.