John Legend Goes At Trump’s Son, Says His Dad’s Racism Sparked Protests

Donald Trump owns quite a bit: sizeable chunks of real estate worldwide, the race for Republican candidacy for the upcoming U.S Presidential election, at least 20% of the Western world’s ire. 

He doesn’t own Twitter, though. Neither do his children. That honour goes to Chrissy Teigen and, by proxy, her hubby John Legend.

Donald Trump Jr. was reminded of this fact earlier today, after he spouting off about the chaos at his pop’s would-be Chicago rally. Legend’s response? Simple, effective, brutal. 

A reply came swiftly from Trump Jr., but it seemed to ignore the reason behind today’s protests: a deep-seated rejection of the candidate’s views regarding racial issues in America. 

Other Trump supporters came out of the ether to sling shit at Legend, including one particularly ironic piece of punditry from a bloke going by ‘RedKneckHillBilly’:

FWIW, that happens to be the University of Pennsylvania, where Legend graduated with a degree in English with a focus on African American literature. Certainly not ‘no education’, then. 

In a final shot, Legend went ahead and reminded the world of alleged discriminatory behaviour shown by Trump’s real estate empire in the 1970s. 

And, as a final sign of beefing with the wrong dude, Teigen also gave her tick of approval.

There’s a hell of a long way to go before November, when Trump will likely have decent chance of actually contesting for the Presidency. Unless Trump can use that time to placate the protesters and avoid another Chicago, Legend & Co. will be there watching. Waiting. 

Source: People. 
Photo: Theo Wargo / Getty.