Donald Trump – who is still, terrifyingly, an actual contender for the Republican ticket in the upcoming U.S. election – conclusively Trumped himself this week, with comments about immigration.

After suggesting that the United States block all Muslims from entering, he drew intense criticism, even from within his own party, with Jeb Bush calling him “unhinged” and Lindsay Graham labelling him a “xenophobic, race-baiting, religious bigot.”

Some came out and compared Trump with the ultimate arch-villain Voldemort, but with characteristic pithiness, Harry Potter author-slash-legend J.K. Rowling shut that one right down, saying he’s actually worse:

Then, of course, this happened:

Trump, who has been shit-stirring on the subject of immigration since he said that Mexico sends its rapists and criminals to the United States, has since defended his comments on Muslims.

He called his suggestion a temporary move, in the face of terrorism and religious extremism, and likened it to U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt‘s actions against Japanese, German and Italian people during World War II.

Story: Twitter

Photo: Sean Rayford & Cindy Ord/Getty