Snake Knocks Out Power To Several NT Towns After Literal Wild Goose Chase

It would be insane to say that this the first shot fired in an imminent war between snakes and humans. Absolutely preposterous. 
There’s no evidence at all to suggest that this attack on our infrastructure is just one in a series of calculated strikes aimed to paralyse our communication and defence against an uprising of serpents. I’m not at all suggesting that over the coming weeks we’ll see more and more power outages caused by pythons. Not at all.
I’m just saying it’s a possibility.
It may or may not be the start of the great Snake-Human Conflict, but several Northern Territory towns did have their power knocked out by one of the slithery legless bastards, after it got itself entangled in some power lines while chasing a goose.
The olive python (which in absence of a proper name I have dubbed “Lord Humungus”) was determined to be the culprit of outages in Katherine and Pine Creek after Power and Water Corporation employees found him hanging off power lines at Hayes Creek.
Power was only out for 30 minutes, but that could buy a crucial window of time for an invading snake army. Just food for thought. 
RIP Lord Humungus, ??? – 2016. You will be missed.