Skinny Jeans Bad For Your Health

Hardcore kids, Vogue worshiping Fashionistas and inner city creative types are the main groups at risk of what is commonly known as ‘tingling thigh syndrome’. Not to be confused with the feeling one gets upon seeing an attractive member of the opposite sex, “Tingling Thigh Syndrome” Scientifically known as Meralgia Paresthetica is actually a nerve problem caused by wearing skinny jeans.

In an article titled “Are Skinny Jeans Bad For Your Health” New York Daily News argues that women are more susceptible when it comes to this little known and debilitating disease: “Coupled with stiletto heels, the pressure these jeans put on the femoral cutaneous nerve that runs through the thigh can cause tingling and burning through the leg.”

Dr. John England, of the American Academy of Neurology explains the “thigh tingling:” aspect further saying: ‘The nerve, in some people, is susceptible to compression…It is a pure sensory nerve — it doesn’t go to muscles or provide strength. Anything that is tight around there could potentially compress the nerve that goes there.’

Scientists warn of other skinny jean related diseases including Testicular Squashetica and Visible Camel Toe which in itself is not an illness but may induce vomiting in others. Scientists are heading to Surry Hills to conduct further studies.

Via NY Daily News