Rihanna Reportedly Suing Topshop For $5 Million, Suddenly Has Phucks To Give

Good girl gone bad flight attendent, Rihanna, is reportedly suing British high-street stalwart Topshop for the princely sum of $5 million over the misuse of her image, something which has hitherto not seemed like the kind of thing Ri gives too much of a phuck about. Still, if it’s true, that ain’t nobody’s bidnizz but RiRi’s.

According to the New York Post, Rihanna’s UK legal team have been negotiating with Topshop for eight months over the use of her image. A ‘source’ from the Camp Ri has ‘revealed’ “[Topshop] offered her $5,000 and said they don’t care.” Girl then apparently lawyered up and countered with a demand for $5 million over this shirt.
According to A. Source, Rihanna’s management received a thoroughly Rihanna sentiment from Topshop in response: ‘We do what we want.’ [Topshop] buy the pictures from a photographer, but they do not pay the artist licensing fees. Unfortunately, UK law does not protect the artist. What is most offensive for Rihanna is that they basically told her, ‘Go to hell. We don’t care; we are going to continue selling you.’” 
Rihanna has reportedly spent almost $1 million in litigation so far fighting the misappropriation of her image, which under US law would be protected by the “right of publicity;” something for which there is no British equivalent, obviously. She is, however, also no stranger to the appropriation of images and the resulting litigation.
The only girl in the world, last year estimated to be worth some $53 million, recently designed a capsule collection for noted Topshop competitor River Island and is bringing her Shiny Brah La A Dahmonz World Tour to Australia later this year.
Photo: Jason Merritt via Getty