Topshop Is Selling A $700 Against Me! Jacket, But Failed To Inform The Band

Laying down seven hundred bucks for a faux-edgy PUNK RAWK jacket is ~sort of~ antithetical to the whole idea of punk, but what’s even less punk is trading on a band’s name without so much as informing them of that fact. 
Against Me! find themselves in this very position, after it was brought to their attention that street style giant Topshop is selling a jacket with their name on the sleeve, without bothering to ask them first.  
The jacket features various famous band names in bowdlerised form – it also bears the name ‘Refuse’, an obvious play on Refused, and ‘Vandals’, which is The Vandals with the ‘The’ cleverly removed. 
Topshop, however, just straight-up slapped the name ‘Against Me!’ on there, and now singer Laura Jane Grace is pissed, taking to Twitter to have a go at the retailer:

In 2013, Rihanna had a pretty good rih-sult when she took Topshop to court in the U.K. for selling a shirt that featured an image of her face without her permission. 
It’s unclear where in the world this particular biker jacket is being sold, though, and Against Me! have not said what action (if any) they plan to take at this stage.
Source: Spin.
Photo: Jason La Veris / Getty / Twitter.