Rihanna Is Dropping Her Fenty Skin Range In Two Weeks & My Bank Account Is Already Crying

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If there’s one (1) good thing to come out of this Hell Year, it’s surely got to be a new treat from Rihanna and her extended Fenty empire. Yep, it’s been whispered about in skincare group chats for ages, but we now have a confirmed date for the brand new Fenty Skin range, and it’s really bloody soon.

Overnight the flash skincare’s website popped up out of nowhere, declaring that July 31 is the day that the new range will officially drop. It’s like Rihanna has seen that I’m running out of all my face potions and knew it was time. How did she know?

A bunch of social media accounts have also cropped up overnight, including everything from Instagram to TikTok (hell yeah, gimme that content) and the same video has been blasted onto each platform.

The video announces the huge Fenty Skin product drop and shows RiRi herself washing her face with some of the incoming products, and the whole range is claiming to be the “new culture of skincare” which could mean a whole range of things. Maybe RiRi’s doing probiotics for skin as well? Is she about to completely overhaul my kitchen as well? What’s going on??

Look, there’s been no official announcement on what’s going to be included in the initial Fenty Skin range, but from the video here I’m guessing there’s some kind of foaming cleanser, maybe some kind of gel (?) toner (???) and a very hydrating-looking facial moisturiser going on here. Do I need them all? Absolutely yes I do.

Look, it might not be the R9 album we’ve all been aching for and demanding for the last four and a half years, but I’ll take it. Please, Rihanna, fix my sad winter skin.

If you head over to the Fenty Skin website, there’s also the option to get early access to the new range on July 29 (which will apparently be sold exclusively on the site with international shipping) and you can bet your sweet ass I threw my email address as fast as I possibly could.

The Fenty team have told PEDESTRIAN.TV that the Fenty Skin range will drop in Sephora stores on online in Australia later this year, if you wanna hold out and grab things without those pesky overseas shipping fees.

Mark it down in your calendars, set an alarm, put an alert on your email inbox. Rihanna’s domination of the beauty world continues real soon.