Replica Mario Kart Crashes Into A Tokyo Police Box, No Banana Peels Found

So there’s a company in Japan that rent out replica Mario Karts to tourists for city tours. You even get to dress up like your favourite character. Yoshi for days, motherfuckers. 

In an event that was bound to happen, a Korean tourist lost control of her vehicle and slammed into a police box in Tokyo. Maybe Bowser‘s been hurling banana peals behind him again, that piece of shit. 

According to a report in The Mainichi, the woman “apparently failed to negotiate a turn at an intersection, driving her vehicle onto a footpath and then crashing into the wall of the police box”. 

Oh man, she must have got stuck with the left Joy-Con controller, huh? Either that or Mario‘s gotten real sharp with his green shells. 
Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the accident, but with a crash like that, she likely finished in 12th place, leaving her woefully unequipped to handle the perils of Ghost Valley 2, let alone the splendour of Rainbow Road
The hire company, MariCar, is currently being sued by Nintendo for copyright infringement. We probably don’t need to explain that one. 
Source: Kotaku.