We’re at that incredible point in history where we’re far enough out of the 2000s that we realise that essentially everything we loved and treasured from that decade was actually incredibly, incredibly stupid. But we’re not far enough out of it to really identify the cool and epoch-defining bits, so it mostly just looks like hell.

But hey: we had bucketloads of fun while we were doin’ it. A thread on Reddit in the AskReddit subreddit (that’s a mouthful) asked members to describe the most 2000s thing they could think of. Many were obvious, but some activated a deep nugget of nostalgia deep within our repressed consciousness.

Apart from the obvious ones – MSN Messenger, Outkast’‘s Hey Ya! and T9 texting, here are some highlights:


CD binders full of stuff you burned. Just like forty CD-Rs, maybe six of which you actually know the tracklist for.


A boy with a red cap, wide cut knee length jeans, A Dragon ball Z T-shirt. Walking down the street with his mp3 player.


The Simple Life. That show with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, going to farms and hitting on 18 year old rednecks while pretending to shovel poop in Gucci heels. Between the clothes and the popularity of those two celebs: Super 2000’s


Youtube being a place where personal homemade videos blew up because of genuinely funny and unique content, and wasn’t yet overtaken by weird “youtube stars,” and their increasingly odd fan base.


Driving my Toyota Prius in my Ugg boots while making a call on my Motorola Razr and listening to Hot Fuss on my way to Hot Topic before buying a new game for my PS2 and writing about it on MySpace.


The movie 40 days and 40 nights where Josh Hartnett cant spank it for Lent. I love that movie and just watched it a few days ago, but my god the outfits. I think it was made in like 2002 and people dressed so fucking weird. me being only 10 at the time never really noticed the baggy pants, mismatched colors, the weird hairstyles hahaha etc.


Guinness Book of Records 2000 – Millennium Edition


Kazaa. Kazaa Gold if you were serious.


The episode of Rocket Power guest starring Tony Hawk.

The whole thread is gold. Check it out HERE.

Source: Reddit.

Photo: Outkast.