Here’s Your First Look At The Newly Renovated Quay Restaurant, Sans Snow Egg

When Quay announced they were closing for a period of time in order to revamp their interiors and menu, hundreds of die-hard fine dining fans cried real tears.

Okay, maybe not THAT dramatic – but people were definitely sad to say goodbye to their Snow Egg Instagram posts.

The hype around what the new digs and menu would look like has been huge, and now we finally have a sneak peek c/o 9Honey.

And it’s looking damn good.

The Snow Egg IS gone – but it’s replacement is equally as Gram-worthy and delicious sounding.

“This dish took the longest to evolve and get right, I’m calling it White Coral” says chef Peter Gilmore. “The dish is
a very light white chocolate ganache that has been super aerated under vacuum and then frozen with liquid nitrogen. The effect is a light, porous structure that resembles an organic piece of white coral. This is served on a feijoa ice cream with a coconut cream. The white coral is shattered with a spoon by the diner and the flavours of feijoa, coconut and white chocolate harmonize in a light and refreshing yet intense way.”

A six course menu with a choice of main will be available Sunday-Thursday for dinner, and Friday-Sunday for lunch. There is also a ten course tasting menu.

“Wiping the slate clean was a huge challenge, but ultimately very rewarding. It gave me the opportunity to revaluate everything from the smallest detail up,” Peter Gilmore said of the menu change.

The new Quay will open Thursday the 19th of July.

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