QLD Plumber Gets The Boot After Posting Client’s Sex Toy On Facebook

As we battle further into this internet-entrenched life, no single piece of advice has proven itself so useful as “never post.”

Do not post on the line. Ever. Or you’ll find yourself relieved of your duties as a professional tradesman. 

Unfortunately, a Queensland tradie violated this rule earlier in the week, and found himself facing the sack because of it. Well, the post in question was definitely sack-worthy, but the “never post” credo still applies.

The tradie in question took a sneaky shot of his female client’s bathroom, focused on a sex toy that was apparently left out in the open. Believing this to be a laugh and a half, he shared it with the secret Facebook group Blokes Advice. 

via news.com.au / Facebook.

Shortly after, the tradie apparently shared the image with a friend, who plugged it into Bad Girls Advice – a similar FB clan with a somewhat different core demographic.

Of course, because this is The Internet™ and everybody knows everyone, the owner of the dildo was then notified of the privacy-invading shot. 

Speaking of notifying relevant parties, she then went on to clue in the man’s employer, who went ahead and fired him. On Wednesday, the shot-taker posted an update to Blokes Advice, including a Dear John from boss:

“Your actions are condemned by me and have put my company in a vulnerable position. As discussed, I know now in hindsight, you regret your actions, but unfortunately they can not be undone and have caused me damage.”

The guy admitted fault, too. In another update, he (quite rightfully) said “it was my fault not his” for being let go, and “would I do it again probably not, but at the time I couldn’t dog the boys.”

Look, sneaking shots of intimate personal possessions and posting them to many thousands of strangers seems to count as “dogging” your paying client / another innocent human being. He may be considering that RN, as he has a “looooong haaaaard think about what I’ve done.” 

Righto, mate. Again: never post.

Source and photo: news.com.au / Facebook.