Ouch: It Turns Out Queensland’s $596M Tradie Has A Balance Of Minus $42

The story of Phillip Harrison, the Queensland tradie who was caught with an Audi full of ice, and then shocked the nation by claiming to have a bank balance of $596 million, has now officially entered the phase in which A Current Affair is knocking on his door. 
Yesterday, it was widely speculated that Harrison’s massive fortune – which he claimed was the product of clever investments – may have been total bullshit, and that he put one over on his solicitor and the court by using a fake bank account app
When ACA paid him a visit, he graciously agreed to let them have a look at his online bank account, leading to one of the more uncomfortable televised exchanges we’ve seen in recent times. 
“The five hundred million … I don’t know where the hell …” he said, kind of like a naughty Block contestant trying to explain themselves to Foreman Keith.
The $2 million property portfolio, FWIW, appears to be genuine. Watch some old-school journalism go down: 

Source: A Current Affair.