Prisoners Demand Tracy Grimshaw, Presumably To Share Dodgy Tradie Yarn

Two prisoners who scaled the Woodford Correctional Centre, near Brisbane, had but one request: an audience with A Current Affair High Priestess Tracy Grimshaw.
After allegedly cutting through a chain link fence on the oval using toe nail scissors to gain access to the prison’s roof, the inmates unfurled a makeshift banner and told guards they had shit-all luck coaxing them down until their demand of a chat with Grimshaw was met.
It wasn’t: they eventually relented after a 24-hour standoff.
Speaking about the sitcho on the TODAY Show, Grimshaw said she wasn’t asked to speak with the prisoners by QLD authorities and nor would she have.

“I have been a journalist for a long, long time and I have covered these sorts of stories and the last thing that goes to people who climb on roofs and demand things is what they are demanding,” she said.

“It is not going to happen. I am quite sure that if the authorities wanted me to speak to them they would have called me and they certainly haven’t called me.”
And just to really drive home the point that no, ACA wasn’t in talks with the men to expose a dodgy tradie ring, she strenuously denied any connection to them.
“I have nothing to do with them. I do not know them,” she said. “[It’s] a high security prison. You don’t get in there by being a nice human. I don’t think we should be too stressed about what these guys want.” 

Jokes aside, the prisoners were protesting the apparent lack of support for inmates dealing with drug addiction and apparently wanted to speak the help of the Nine Network – and ACA – to raise awareness for the issue.
Aerial images captured show them holding up a sheet with ‘Suboxone program’ written on it; suboxone is used to treat prescription pain medication dependence, heroin addiction and methadone and other opioid dependence, and is part of a treatment program that’s available to inmates in states *other* than QLD.

Photo: 9News.