PUCKER UP: There’s Gonna Be A Big Ol’ Kiss Cam At This Year’s Mardi Gras

Medibank is helping spread the lurve this Mardi Gras by celebrating the power of kisses, and we’ve teamed up with ’em to bring you the goss on how it’s all gonna go down. For more on the campaign, head here.

Doesn’t matter what segment of life you come from, everyone loves a good ol’ smooch.
Whether it’s smack bang on the lips, pecked on the cheek, or pointed at the selfie camera for optimum pout, kisses are pretty dang good in our humble opinion.
Think of some of the all-time pop culture lip-locks, for examps:
Who can forget Tara & Willow’s first on-screen smooch on ‘Buffy’?


This iconic moment on cult-hit ‘Parks & Recreation’.

Now THIS was a smooch.

Feeling inspired? Good, cause now it’s time for you to have a crack at making your own smooch historic, as the legends at Medibank are teaming up with this year’s Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras to amplify the power of the pash via the silver screen. (Maybe just don’t hang upside down Spiderman-style without the requisite wiring, yeh?)
Hooning down Oxford St for the official Mardi Gras parade this Saturday, March 4th will be Medibank’s own Kiss Cam float, which will be copping eyefuls of you beautiful peeps locking lips and projecting it on their yuge moving screens for all to enjoy.
The idea is particularly dope given this year’s Mardi Gras theme of ‘Creating Equality’, with the float inviting peeps who may only dream of one day being in the parade, to be represented IRL out in the middle of Oxford St itself (via their delightful, puckered up mugs).
If you’re heading down to watch the parade, make sure to bring some lip balm and prepare for all of Sydney to see your smewch face.
For more on Medibank’s #BetterwithaKiss campaign, check em out on Facebook.

Photo: AFP.