Once again, landmarks around the nation have been illuminated with Le Tricolor in the aftermath of a brutal terrorist attack on the French people. The details of the killings in Nice are horrific – upwards of eighty innocent lives were taken in a single outburst of hatred and intolerance. 

So, on the other side of the planet, the fact that our landmarks have lit up with that red, white and blue flag in solidarity should be a testament to a modern nation’s capability to empathise with an international neighbour.

Instead, the lights are uncomfortably familiar – it was only in November that they were lit up following the shootings at the Bataclan concert hall. While the sights around Australia are indeed affecting, it would actually be in everybody’s interests if they never had to be lit up like this way again:



Once Again, Aussie Landmarks Have Lit Up In Solidarity With France



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#Adelaide Town Hall lit up in French colours tonight. @abcnews_au #abcmyphoto

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Touchingly, even Dallas, Texas – still coming to terms with the attack it faced earlier this week – lit up several landmarks in solidarity, too.

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Now, let’s all agree, as a planet, to stop picking on the French for a while. Christ.

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