Walking Thirst Trap Noah Centineo Now Has A Ridiculously Lush Beard

If you’ve seen Netflix‘s To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before then I needn’t bother explaining the sex appeal of Noah Centineo, because it’s bloody obvious.

For those who haven’t seen it 1) WTF are you doing with your life? and 2) Immediately cancel all plans to view the feel-good rom-com of 2018. Jeez.

In the meantime, for context, Noah plays a surprisingly endearing high school jock, called Peter Kavinsky, who wins the heart of the protagonist Lara Jean (played by Lana Condor) and, simultaneously, that of women/men the world over.

[jwplayer x4Q6C1lV]

One look at Noah and he clearly conforms to that American ‘pretty boy’ stereotype. Perfect skin, floppy hair, pouty lips, and a classic baby face – you name it, Noah’s got it:



*whispers ‘marry me’*

But now Noah’s traded in his pretty boy look of 2018 for that of a rugged BEAST, by growing himself a mighty fine beard.

Noah’s been quietly dropping pics of his new facial hair on Instagram over the last week and dude, just keep them (read: us) coming.

This was the first shot Noah shared of his beard journey, captioned “Guysssssss 2019 is in full swing”:


Since then, his facial hair has blossomed into a bountiful ebony mane:


Dare we say that this look is growing on us?


It might not be the fullest beard you’ve ever seen, resembling more of a hipster beard, but I still dig it:


And it turns out that Noah’s TATBILB co-star, Lana, is also a big fan of the beard. In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, she admitted, I love it. I love it!… I think it’s like…what angle you get him. But, I love the beard. He looks good.”

Yes. Yes he does.

This isn’t the first time Noah has repped the bearded look and, if these pics are anything to go off, we certainly hope it’s not the last.