Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Noah Centineo Has Another Netflix Romcom Coming Out 

Noah Centineo

Netflix, beautiful, beautiful Netflix shall be gifting us yet another romcom starring the internet’s boyfriend Noah Centineo. And, because the TV gods are being good to us, he will once again star as a fake boyfriend. This time to Laura Marano and Riverdale‘s Camila Mendes. 

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The streaming giant’s See What’s Next Twitter posted two piccies from the upcoming movie, which according to IMDbis currently in post-production.

“@noahcent will pretend to be your boyfriend this summer! Well, he will in our movie ‘The Perfect Date’ w/ @lauramarano & @CamilaMendes. He plays an enterprising young man, who, to make money for college, creates a dating app & stands in for non-existent boyfriends.”

SURE, that sounds awful and something you might find on Wattpad but I will still watch the hell out of it.


Everyone looks so gorgeous, I’m READY.

FUN FACT: Noah once played Dallas, an old crush of Laura’s Austin & Ally character from back in her Disney days.

So, according to IMDb, Noah stars as Brooks Rattigan, Camila stars as Shelby Pace, and Laura plays Celia Lieberman. 

The synopsis on IMDb is also just a tad longer:

Through the journey of being a different person every night of the week, he finds out that the real Brooks Rattigan isn’t who he thought at all and to his surprise falls for the real girl of his dreams…..

Good God, yes.

The Perfect Date will hit your tellies this winter.

Sometime after that, we can expect the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before sequel which was recently confirmed by Noah and his brilliant co-star Lana Condor.