Lana Condor & Noah Centineo Have A Real ‘To All The Boys’ Dating Pact

Pure bean Lana Condor hopped on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night to chat about her brand new SYFY series Deadly Class. Of course, the Netflix movie To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before was mentioned and with it, the news of a real-life dating pact between Lana and her co-star Noah Centineo.

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As adorable as the book is, Lana and Noah’s chemistry really brought it to life. I dare say 99 per cent of fans ship them together.

Chatting about their relationship, Lana revealed she has an actual contract with Noah complete with boundaries.

“We had just come back from our hot yoga class,” Lana explained. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate that bonding. “We went to his apartment and ordered pizza and it’s kinda like, hot pizza and yoga, what’s happening. It was right before we shot the movie… just trying to get to know each other.”

“And I felt something,” Lana said.


“And I looked at him and I was like ‘Noah, it’s not going to happen between us’. I felt that for the show to do well, we’d need to be best friend professionals. And so I was like, ‘It’s just not going to happen’ and he was like ‘yeah, it’s not going to happen.’”


“So we kind of did what we did and ‘To All The Boys’ the movie, we kind of made a contract and set boundaries and I’m so happy we did that because the movie turned out great and now we’re doing a sequel so I have to work with him again.”

Lana Condor is actually Lara Jean Song Covey in real life.

But wait, there’s more.

“We still have the spark,” she continued. “We were just on the phone the other day just talking about the sequel.”

I’m going to take this moment to remind us all Lana has a boyfriend… sucks to be him on the To All The Boys press tour.

ANYWAY, back to Lana’s latest work.

Deadly Class is based on the American graphic novel of the same name by Rick Remender and Wes Craig. It introduces us to the students of King’s Dominion Atelier of the Deadly Arts, an academy that teaches the children of criminals. So, you know, imagine going through teenage shit at this school.

Lana stars as katana-wielding badass Saya Kuroki.

The series was produced by the Russo Brothers, the duo behind a lot of Marvel films so expect some quality action.

Deadly Class premieres January 16, 2019 on SYFY.