Mjolk Fall/Winter 2010

Taking inspiration from oversized school uniforms, depression era New York City and American poet Walt Whitman, the latest collection from menswear brand Mjolk feels like the sartorial kin of J.D. Salinger’s Catcher In The Rye. Now comparing fashion to literature might be as futile as dancing about architecture but they certainly evoke the same moody, autumnal and idiosyncratic vibes so go with me on this one.

The collection plays with collegiate references like the classic two-tone varsity jacket, oversized knits and perfectly proportioned parkas while transforming tweed from a crusty signifier of the aristocracy into something we’d happily don come Winter. Throw in a model who looks vaguely like the lead dude from Thumbsucker, an array of rustic accessories and a Fleet Foxes technicolor dreamcoat and you’ve got a collection with absolutely no phoniness whatsoever. Plus Holden Caulfield would dig the hats.

See Photos Via For Tomorrow