Mjölk SS12 Men’s Collection

The emphasis on silhouette, proportion and colour at the heart of of Lars Stoten’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection for Mjölk finds a direct visual parallel in the corresponding lookbook – a medley of high-exposure, Teller-esque diptychs that emphasise the exaggeration in the colour, detail and proportion that are so central to this collection.

A looser silhouette defines both the more tailored pieces and ready-to-wear basics; with the former tending toward exaggerated proportions in three piece suiting options with high-waisted, pleated and tapered trousers in olive, grey and blue; and the latter lending itself to oversize boat and wide-neck tees in a tricolour stripe or grey marl. Emphasis then falls on knitwear surprisingly, with loose drop-stitch crew necks in a buttery yellow, or a slightly more demure grey and black. Shirting in classic white or a vibrant tropical leaf print provide summer staples that combine with sweaters emblazoned with an oversize ‘M’ to round out the collections larger-than-life ethos up top.

South of the waistline things get really interesting with what appears to be a navy jersey jumpsuit/playsuit that also functions as a pair of loosely-draped shorts when tied around the waist: 90’s style! Similarly, high-waisted, wide-legged, below-the-knee shorts options appear again in grey marle, or a frankly astounding pair of yellow pleated leather shorts replete with matching two-tone yellow and orange leather hoodie. Then there are the shoes: three-tone blue, brown and orange-soled tasseled penny loafers or T-bar mandals. Did I mention there’s a denim suit? See for yourself below.

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