Melbourne Not Done Melbourning Yet, Adds ‘Human Art’ To Its Gold Vroom

Painting an abandoned crashed car gold as a small spontaneous art project seems like an unbelievably Melbourne-y thing to do, as a proud Brisbanite I know that if that happened here it would be full of piss and empty XXXX cans before the engine had even cooled.
But, by virtue of the fact that this Fitzroy and not Brisbane, it absolutely happened:

But also, because this is Australia, it did not take long for people to fuck with it either. With a burgeoning Picasso expressing a very rude form of art criticism with some shitty tags, which I’m sure some art genius could argue is an equally valid form of artistic expression:

Because, much like Ronan Keating explained in his hit song “Life is a rollercoaster“, life is indeed much like a rollercoaster, and the story didn’t stop there. 
Some people have decided to take it upon themselves to escalate the piece even further:

Are they mannikins in golden morphsuits? Are they extremely patient gymnasts / acrobats holding the poses whenever there are onlookers around? It’s impossible to tell from just the one photo, and so far there’s just the one photo.
All we know for certain is that people in Melbourne have a lot of time for art, and God bless them for it.
Photo: Twitter / @TJSKane.