Taggers Have Dicked With Melbs’ Gold Car ‘Cos We Can’t Have Nice Things

First let me just get this out of my system:

Cool. Look, I’m sure there’s probably some wonderful faux-Buddhist lesson in here about the beauty of impermanence and the transient nature of joy, but at the same time: why can’t people just leave nice things alone?
The now famous-ish car in North Fitzroy has only been gold for 2 days, and it’s already been dicked around with a minimum of three times (I mean, four if you include the dicking around that got it turned gold in the first place).
Here it is post-Midas touch:

Within a very short period of time, not only did someone give it a shitty tag:

But some people also turned it into some sort of performance art piece? Honestly, this one rules:

That seemed like the last of it, but as that old adage goes, “If you leave something nice out in public, people are going to fuck with it.
This time someone with apparently more time and skill than the first tagger decided to add some changes to what was admittedly a very limited colour palette:

I’m no art critic, it’s not up to me to say whether this is somehow not as artistically valid, but at the same time, it kind of sucks.
Who knows what’s next? But considering how long it’s taken them to do it so far, it probably won’t be the Camry towed by the council. Lol.
Photo: Twitter / @Tom_Cowie.