Mejuri’s Holiday Edit Just Dropped For Christmas, So Here’s Our Favourite Pieces Under $500

Mejuri holiday edit
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Christmas is almost here, and our carts are brimming with gifts. However, there’s always that one person in our lives that’s super tricky to buy for — your bestie, mum, dad, brother, sister or yourself, you get my gist. Our suggestion: jewellery, specifically a piece from Mejuri’s holiday gifting suite.

The Mejuri gift shop has a little bit of everything. There are some timeless pieces for under $150, some pieces you can add a personal touch to like engraving, charms and birthstones, and unisex and men’s jewellery.

Starting from just $100, we’ve broken down a couple of our fave Mejuri pieces from the holiday gift shop to get ya started. So, let’s take a squiz, shall we?

Mejuri gifts under $150

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Charlotte Bold Hoops

Staple pieces that your gift recipient can wear daily are always a safe bet when it comes to gifting, besties. These Charlotte Bold Hoops are simple, but add an understated classiness to any outfit, fitting the brief perfectly.

Square Box Chain Bracelet

Want to kit your man (or yourself TBH) with some silver bling that won’t rust in the shower after two washes? It’s not easy to find something this versatile and good quality at an affordable budget ‚ thankfully Mejuri has ya covered. My only advice is to bag it up, stat.

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Charlotte Bold Ring

The TikTok and Instagram baddies have absolutely rinsed this ring, but thank god it’s as timeless as they come. Pair it with other gold jewellery and a simple variation of your best ‘top n’ jeans’ look (aka the summer festive ‘fit of the season) and you’re good to go.

Mejuri gifts under $300

Hue Necklace

Jumping into that higher price point, if ya wanna show your S.O. or bestie that ya physically, spiritually and mentally could not do life without them, this is the gift, bbs. Just add a heartfelt letter and it’s the combo of the century.

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Slim Rectangular Signet Ring

After trying to get my boyfriend to wear jewellery for a while, I gifted him this signet ring for our second anniversary. Sure, I expected him to like it, but I never expected him to literally never take it off. Yet here we are. So, if there’s anything you take from this: your partner will enjoy unwrapping this come Christmas morning.

Boa Gemstone Coil Ring

I have no other words for this than pure fucking elegance. Someone send this to everyone I know because my Christmas stocking is lookin’ real empty.

Mejuri gifts under $500

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Multi Gemstone Station Bracelet

Dainty jewellery never fails to add the most classy touch of elegance to absolutely any outfit. If she already has a bunch of gold bracelets that she stacks on her wrist, this might be a super special way for you to add to the collection and show her you’ve been paying attention.

Letter Necklace

Everybody knows that personalisation is a sign you’ve put a lot of thought into something, which is all that matters in the gift-giving process. So, if you’re stumped on what to get, Mejuri’s personalised Holiday range is exactly where to look.

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Solo Diamond Ring

If you want to make an extra special splash for someone extra special in your life, this beautiful diamond gold ring is as perfect on its own as it is in a stack. So, whether your special someone (or yourself lol) likes a minimalist or maximalist look, they’ll be able to achieve it with this versatile piece.

To check out all the goodies in Mejuri’s holiday gift shop, head here.