Mark and Samantha Ronson Design Footwear

With a fashion designer sibling (Charlotte) and near-constant accolades for his dapper style it would make perfect sense for Mark Ronson to collaborate with a clothing brand. His sister Samantha on the other hand? Not so much.

Still, despite their divergent styles both Mark and Samantha Ronson have recently unveiled footwear collaborations with Gucci and Supra respectively. Mark’s concoction for the Italian Fashion House is a high-meets-low high-top/boat shoe which says “I’ve got a membership at the Country Club…but I can dunk” or something equally as incongruous. Maybe take a good hard look at the mother fuckin’ boat? Either way the shoe will appeal to Polo wearing preps and Kanye worshiping sneaker heads equally.

Gucci said of the collaboration: ‘A new Gucci Ronson version will be introduced at every leg of the itinerant project. Icon-Temporary sneakers are priced from $500 to $1,400, and Gucci Ronson shoes, $500 to $600.’

Meanwhile Mark’s sister, former LiLo flame and working DJ Samantha Ronson has unveiled her signature Supra NS Indy. The shoe takes premium distressed leather, wraps it in gold detailing and keeps everything super clean. It’s actually pretty dope and about one billion items ahead of Lilo’s self-tanner in the “things I want to buy” list.

Via High Snobiety