Marc Jacobs goes to the circus

Colourphobes beware – Marc Jacobs’ latest collection to hit the runways is a delicious blend of geisha girl, harlequin and cabaret china dolls draped in high-fashion trimmings.

An abundance of ruffles, beading, florals and layering gave way to an over-the-top femme collection; think balloon genie pants, corsets, prairie skirts and pleated bloomers.

Aside from the whimsical Russian ballerina meets Japanese geisha stuff- there were a few sharply cut, utilitarian-style jackets in totally wearable shades of blue, army green and tan.
Jacob’s Asian influence was only reinforced by the white powder on the model’s faces, high top-knot buns and flat wooden sandals.

Feasting their eyes on the desserts of Jacob’s hard labour were front rowers Madonna and Lady Gaga (who was to perform at the show’s after party) with Perez Hilton also present at the show.

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