Marc Jacobs’ Husband Launches Swimwear Line

The best way to enter the fashion industry is to let one of the industry’s leading designers enter you.
I kid, I kid – how vulgar. Even so, Marc Jacobs’ husband, Lorenzo Martone, has just launched his new swimwear line called Nycked (as in “i just nycked myself shaving”) and has said he received no help from Marc on the collection saying, “Relationships are hard enough without mixing business into them. I don’t advise mixing the personal and professional.”

No help from Marc, hey?
No kidding.

Lorenzo’s debut collection for Nycked will launch at Miami Swimweek next month where all 20 looks will be on display at which point we can make scathing comments about not giving up day jobs etc. There’s no WAY Lorenzo’s weird shapeless triangles would even be going into production if he wasn’t Mr Marc Jacobs. His designs may be pretty blah but at least they aren’t as bad as Ruby Rose’s fashion line. Shudder.

See Collection Via WWD