Question: What does a smooth-talking man in a towel, an earthquake-surviving guitar-playing cat, a work of Twilight fan fiction , and the displaced eyes of an American character actor have in common? Answer: They’ve all been the subject of VIRAL VIDEOS.

The fact that they were witnessed by millions of people is the only thing linking these four things. So, with no discernible formula to follow and completely unpredictable subjects going viral at random, what does it take to make a viral video? This is a question that gets explored and satirised in Ad Nauseam, an independent feature film written and directed by first time Sydney-based filmmaker Nikos Andronicos. The dark comedy follows Gen Y ad creatives Derek and Clive on a 12 hour deadline to reach one million Youtube views, or they’re out of a job.

Lucky they don’t have any morals. Check out the trailer which features a cameo by moustachioed poo talker Sam Simmons.

When clients ask for their campaign to ‘go viral’ it is like asking someone to nail diarrhoea to a wall. Responding to a brief where success is virtually impossible to guarantee is the burden of Creative Directors the world over. To borrow from the hilarious gif-centric Advertising Blog This Advertising Life

When the client says, “make this go viral.”
Local Indie Film Taps Viral Videos As Subject Matter

Taking that concept to a fictional medium opens up an intriguing premise for some seriously dark comedy at the expense of scruples in the advertising world. To find out more about Ad Nauseam visit the movie website.