Perth Woman Who Trashed A Pub Loo In Viral Vid Says She’s Been Humiliated

Look, there aren’t a lot of winners in this one. Just a bunch of bad mistakes and unfortunate circumstances occurring one after the other.

A young Perth woman had her weekend go from decent to disastrous, after she was unknowingly filmed whilst trashing a pub bathroom with a group of friends.
The incident saw her, and her cohorts, emptying the bins in female loo of the Botanica Bar and Bistro, placing the empty bin over her own head, and scattering the discarded paper towels across the floor of the bathroom.
The unnamed person who filmed the incident uploaded it to the Bar’s Facebook page, where it took off and was widely shared.
The girl’s identities were quickly crowdsourced, and that is when the public abuse began pouring in.
Now, one of the girls in question has stated she has suffered “every girl’s worst nightmare” and has been “humiliated by the whole of Australia.”
The 23-year-old, who chose to publicly conceal her identity, spoke to Nine News Perth about the incident – which has seen her become the subject of a torrent of social media attacked, and has resulted in herself and her friends banned from the venue, along with them considering taking legal action against the cameraperson.

“The death threats, being compared to ISIS, being told I’m actual worse than ISIS.”

“I’ve never understood people that can get to the point that they want to commit suicide, but I completely understand now.”

The incident, the woman claims, was largely out of character behaviour, and she is insisting on a formal apology from the uploader for putting the video online in the first place.

“I’m pretty sure we’ve all done something behind closed doors that we would not wish anyone to see.”

“It’s completely destroyed mine and the other girls’ lives – don’t sell someone else’s life for a little bit of fame.”

And, yes. The punishment does not in any way fit the crime – that is for certain.

But maybe, oh… I don’t know… maybe next time don’t act like a complete buffoon in a public establishment. Maybe this whole thing gets avoided that way.
via 9News.