A Duplicate Of Lizzo’s Tiny Bag, Perfect For Holding Your One Sakata, Is Up For Auction

When Lizzo and her extra tiny Valentino Garavani VSLING toybag hit the red carpet at the AMAs this week, she forever changed my ability to love something so small. Now I understand what mothers mean when they talk about their newborn children.

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The limited edition, miniature Valentino bag – made in collaboration with @obviousplant – was one of a kind… until now.

Today, @obviousplant announced that he’d be auctioning one duplicate of the now-iconic purse.

“You may or mayn’t have seen Lizzo holding one of these mini Valentino handbags at the AMAs,” the announcement was captioned on the ‘gram. “Due to popular demand, I have one (1) duplicate version up for auction on eBay. Link in bio. It holds small lizards. Thank you.”

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“This is the exact same packaging and toy bag design that was given to her,” the product description reads on the eBay auction site.

“Perfect for holding eye shadow, two dimes, several beans, a small lizard, and MORE!” the iconic packaging reads.

Unfortunately, the tiny bag can only be shipped to US or Canada. This is probably a blessing in disguise, as I’d probably make a super rash, last minute decision to spend $2k on a bag the size of an ant. Besides, I approximate that it’d last 0.0000001 second before my dog swallowed it whole and shat it out the next day.

As this article is being written, 30 users have bid, with the current bid standing at a casual US $650.00. Truly inspiring scenes.