Kylie, my guy. You really need to stop ripping off people’s artwork. At the very, very least – you need to bin the people who work for you that are clearly finding cool shit around the internet, and rather than commissioning the artists to re-create their pieces or allow you to use them for your brand, instead just blatantly rip ’em off and then act like they absolutely did not do that.

First it was LA-based makeup artist Vlada Haggerty, who was responsible for this pic which was posted on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account early on in her lip kit game with zero credit. 

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Kylie Cosmetics eventually credited it as “inspo via @vladamua”, before dropping it altogether. That wasn’t the end of Vlada’s drama with Kylie Cosmetics though. For her holiday collection late last year, the same shit happened again:
That time around though it seemed Vlada won out, since Kylie posted a bunch of promo pics for Vlada’s account. Has Kylie learned her lesson? Er… doesn’t seem like it. The latest scandal for the reality star? The artwork for her upcoming reality show Life Of Kylie. Here it is featuring in a promo vid for the show:
Let’s take a closer look at that intro image, shall we?
And here’s artist Sara Pope‘s pre-existing ‘Temptation Neon’ artwork, created in 2015.

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Notice something? Maybe the fact they look pretty much the fucking same
Sara’s not taking the copycatting lying down – according to TMZ, who say they’ve got legal docs that have Sara stating she created the art in 2015, and that she’s suing both Kylie and NBC Universal, the parent company of E!, who are airing Kylie’s show.
So far Kylie’s camp haven’t issued an official statement on the whole thing, but it’s not looking good considering her history with this shit.

Image: Instagram / @kyliejenner.
Source: TMZ.