Maybe this would be representative of this country if Australia was where Britain sent convicts to get eaten by watercolour paintings, but hey, at least there aren’t any high-heeled ugg boots. Yesterday Kooey unveiled Miss Australia’s national costume for the 2011 Miss Universe Pageant, an event whose sartorial heavy-handedness is matched only by the lecherousness of its officiators (last year Criss Angel was a judge and Bret Michaels was a host). Which is to say, of course Miss Universe national costumes are going to be garish and kind of ridiculous, but at least they’ll be interesting. The design was modeled by reigning Miss Australia Scherri-Lee Biggs, who will compete for the title in San Paulo, Brazil this September. According to Kooey designer Nikki Silverthorne the vibrant yellow swimsuit and multicoloured skirt is “a literal translation of Australia’s spectacular colours,” and “represents the whole country from the coast to the centre”. We agree, the colours are spectacular (and make us feel like we’re melting?) but Nimbin and the Gold Coast account for at least 80% of this vibe so “whole country” might be a bit misleading.

Kooey Unveils Miss Australia’s National Costume