How Well Was Miss Universe Australia’s National Costume Received By The Universe?

You’d be forgiven for having gone the entire week without paying much thought to the 63rd Annual Miss Universe Preliminary Show, which, funnily enough, has been taking place at Florida International University. Granted, you’ve been killing it lately, and there are more important things happening in the world. 

But, by virtue of reading this sentence, it appears you’re now fresh out of excuses and interest in world events alike, and all of a sudden finding out about the reaction to Miss Universe Australia’s national costume is of paramount importance to your Friday night. 
Praying for you, tbh. Praying for us both.
So that you might sleep easy, we must then ask and answer the question of how the universe received Teagan Martin’s Australian costume, which was selected by popular vote from a design by Caitlin Holstock with permission granted from the Wurundgeri tribe.
Per Twitter, a barometer of universal consensus: 

You get it. 
Look, honestly, it’s fine. It was never going to be great – that’s just the nature of the beast (‘heinous’ is practically sewn into the lining of these things). But when you compare it with other national costumes, like Canada’s, it’s far from the most offensive submission. 
What we can say for sure, however, is that Teagan’s costume is nowhere near as good as Jen Hawkins’ new dermatologist. 
Strewth. Their work is out of this world.

Photo by Larry Marano/Getty Images