You Can Now Sell Your Old Kate Sylvester Threads On The Brand’s Website For $$$

Fashion brands are really getting behind sustainability, which is great news – and Kate Sylvester‘s new push, Reloved, is the perfect way to promote re-homing your preloved threads.

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The New Zealand designer launched the Reloved section, which sits on the brand’s website, as a way for customers to sell their pre-loved pieces in a secure space, and benefit from it too.

Basically, you can upload your old Kate Sylvester pieces to Reloved, and for every $200 of past season product that you sell, you also receive a $20 online voucher. So you make bank and you get a sweet discount on any new Kate Sylvester threads you’re eyeing off.

If you’re in the market to buy, you can hop on and scroll through what’s up for sale. It’s a great initiative from the brand to promote the re-use of their old styles, and also ensures you’re buying genuine threads – an issue many encounter when buying on Facebook groups, which is often how designer threads are sold.

As well as creating a space to buy/sell past season pieces, Reloved also encourages sellers to tell the stories of their pieces. Kate Sylvester said in a press statement that customers stories are something she’s particularly looking forward to from the initiative.

“I look forward to hearing the stories of my customers preloved Kate Sylvester garments and I look forward to sharing some of mine.”

You can check out what’s up for sale on Reloved now – or start selling your own threads.