Karl Lagerfeld designs for Coke

Master couturier, former fatty and now fatty hater, Karl Lagerfeld, is responsible, for the new, limited edition bottle design and accompanying campaign for Coco Cola Light. The ad, shot by Lagerfeld himself, stars, (no suprises here) model muses Coco Rochas, and the designer’s favourite bitch embodiment of masculine perfection, Baptiste Giacobini, who, may or may not be only 15 years old.

Both are dressed in head-to-toe Chanel, and Rochas sips the beverage through a straw in a crystal goblet, looking alot like Karl Lagerfeld if he had a brunette weave and a vagina (leather gloves and all). A goblet may seem an unusual vessel in which to consume a soft drink, but it’s apparently Lagerfeld’s choice method; (see below photo). Oh, those fashion types sure are crazy.

Lagerfeld is known to have expressed his penchant for the beverage after claiming that around 10 years ago, he was able to drop over 90 pounds by drinking only Diet Coke and eating steamed vegetables (Before shot, below). Reason for this most exciting dietary undertaking? A desire to wear Hedi Slimane’s designs for Dior Homme. “Those sizes at Dior Homme, you have to respect them,” he said. Unsaid reason: a desire to attract male model toy- boys like Giacobini with a little more ease than a fatty.

Either way, there could never have been a better candidate than Lagerfeld to design these new softdrink bottles. They are slick and chic, and feature Karl’s slim sillouette on a white background, topped off by a camp, pink bottle top.

The bottles will hit hip, Parisian boutique Colette, by the end of the month and at 3.5 euros (about $4.71 U.S.), will cost you a little bit more than a regular Diet Coke, but like starvation, these are sacrifices we have to make in the world of fashion. Those of us who prefer to openly flaunt our wealth and buy useless shit, can splurge for a boxed edition that comes complete with a bottle opener, for 60 euros (or $80.81).

If this is the closest I will ever get to owning something cool, limited edition and created at the hand of this fashion Kaiser, then by God, im’a place my order right now.

The ad will launch in French magazines and on billboards April 28.

Image by: Pascal Le Segretain via Getty