You better believe Australia is still rallying behind Natasha Exelby, the ABC24 host who is now perhaps most well-known for a three second slice from the channel’s round-the-clock broadcasting. We love a good pen-starer, we do.

After Channel 10 producer Holly Byrnes started the #PutYourBloopersOut hashtag in response to Exelby’s removal from ABC’s on-air roles, a cavalcade of television and radio journos rushed to share their very public fuck-ups. 

While a fair whack of our nation’s hard-nosed newsreaders used the hashtag to take the mick out of ’emselves last night, the free admissions of error have continued into the morning. 

Friends, there are some doozies in there, and a thoroughly galvanising number of accidental c-bombs.

Exelby herself has also taken to the platform to express her thanks to her newfound fans, and managed to have a dig at herself in the process.

As it stands, over 2,000 people have signed a petition calling for Exelby to be reinstated to an on-air role, and for ABC boss Michelle Guthrie to intervene in the ordeal.

If she doesn’t, you can probably expect to see even more posts materialise under this v. cathartic hashtag.

Source: Twitter. 
Photo: Media Watch / Twitter.