DRY YR TEARS: Foxtel’s Still Gonna Air Delayed Premier League Games

After the horrendous backlash of anger, fire and doom kerfuffle that was Optus announcing that their English Premier League coverage would only be available to people signed up to their mobile/broadband plans, Foxtel have bitten back. 
Optus‘ manoeuvre was a clear baiting tactic to gain more customers, and especially screwed over any EPL fans who were locked into multiple different kinds of contracts with other providers. It didn’t give anyone outside Optus’ patronage the opportunity to buy an EPL package, like Foxtel had. You had to sign up for ~all the stuff~ first, then you could also choose to pay $15 extra for EPL coverage. 
However, Foxtel have announced they’ll still be showing EPL games – they’ll just be delayed. 
They’ve signed contracts with six major Premier League teams, and will have constant content including games and behind the scenes footage. The press release said this:
“From July 1, 2016 – and for the first time in Australia – the official club television channels from top EPL teams Chelsea, Liverpool FC and Manchester United will broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week on Foxtel.

Additionally, dedicated programming blocks from high profile teams Arsenal, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur will join the FOX SPORTS line-up each week.”
In terms of the delay, many customers in Australia won’t really mind that much at all. Because how many EPL fans actually get up at 3am to watch the games live? There’s some, but not many (sorry to y’all, though).
“Games will be delayed, with games played overnight Saturday night (3pm London) available to our viewers from 1pm AEST on Sundays.”
Sooo, it’s ended up being a decision of live coverage, and how important that is to you as an EPL fan. Is it essential? Then off you go to sign an Optus contract. If not – Foxtel‘s your mate. 


Source: PC World
Photo: Clive Rose / Getty.