GET MAD: EPL Coverage Is Only Gonna Be Available To Optus Customers

So in November, we reported on the settling of a huge deal for Optus, who gained the rights to all English Premier League coverage. 
Optus had gained exclusive rights to all online, televised and mobile broadcast of the EPL for three seasons, which was huge because previously, Aussie fans could only watch games by signing up to Foxtel
At the time, there was no firm details of how Optus would excise their rights over the league coverage, but a spokesperson did say, 
“Our goal is to make this content available to as many fans as possible – but we’re not going in to detail about distribution platforms at this stage”. 
So, it’s come as a bit of a bloody shock today, when a press release has announced that the coverage will *only* be available to Optus customers. 
Subscriptions are available from $15 for Optus customers, and those wanting to watch EPL coverage must have a current mobile, broadband, or YesTV subscription. 
Outside of being an customer of the telco, Optus have sold the rights of one EPL game per round to SBSAccording to Business Insider, they’ll also be looking to make deals with pubs to help pay back the $50+ million it spent on buying the rights.
SOOOOO, we’re all pretty irked, yeah? 

And in typical Aussie fashion, many are calling that pirating will skyrocket (even more than it has already):

Let’s pray for those who had signed up to Foxtel just so they could watch EPL, but aren’t with Optus. You poor buggers.
Source: Optus / Business Insider.
Photo: Clive Rose / Getty.