Instagram Lifts Ban #Thinspo, #FuckBitches And Other #Questionable Hashtags

In Hashtag-related news more questionable than Kevin Rudd’s misguided adjectival appropriation of quicheInstagram have lifted a considerable ban on #deleterious words and phrases previously made inaccessible to users of the app during a crackdown on search terms implemented in August. 

According to an updated list of blocked and unsearchable hashtags, in addition to a list of newly-searchable hashtags that were previously censored by Instagram as reported by the Data Pack, Instagram have reconsidered their position on tags related to images related self-harm and eating disorders; hashtags like #thinspo and #thinspiration, which were previously unsearchable and when sought out would return a ‘400 error message’, now deliver an extensive list of search results (see above) alongside a content advisory warning which links users to the National Eating Disorders Association.  
A semi-random selection of previously disallowed hashtags which you can now ironically append to your next sunset or selfie whatever include: #bitchcanigetacosmo, #curlyheadedfuck, #fuckfuelprices, #getnakedpls, #jamesmotherfuckingfranco, #tipsydumbcunt and #underboob. 
#iPhone, however, remains unsearchable, as does an entire rainbow of words largely pertaining to pornographic content and body parts. 
According to Fast Feed, an Instagram spokesperson had this to say: “We want Instagram to be a safe and fun place for people to capture and share moments. That means finding a good balance between allowing people to express themselves and providing protections to prevent certain content that would be against our terms. This is an evolving and ongoing process for us and we encourage people who come across content that makes them uncomfortable to report it to us using the built-in reporting tools next to every photo and video on Instagram.”
Question: where then do #thinspo and #hungrycunt fall on the spectrum between capturing and sharing moments and expressing oneself? I’m just #askingforafriend who is a #boob.